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Welcome to nexus !

The nexus documentation is crafted to swiftly onboard you, aiding in both the initiation of your AI Agent creation and serving as a continuous resource throughout your learning and application development journey. For an overview of the document structure, consider starting with our Introduction.

How Long Does It Take to Learn nexus ?

Mastering the basics of nexus can vary from a few hours to a few days, heavily dependent on your commitment and learning strategy.

Approaching nexus with an eager learning mindset is crucial. Familiarizing yourself with the core components before aiming for complex applications will significantly enhance your proficiency. With time, you'll find your rhythm and develop efficient strategies for deploying AI Agents.

nexus’ versatility allows for the creation of a wide array of AI applications. However, this flexibility also means there's room for error. While nexus offers the toolkit for professional-grade applications, utilizing those tools effectively is key to success.

A solid understanding of nexus is a valuable investment, enabling you to bring your innovative ideas to life reliably and at scale.

Learning nexus

The User Manual

The User Manual guides you through concepts, how-to's, terminology, and best practices essential for mastering nexus. It's designed to be read sequentially or by selecting chapters that most interest you.

For newcomers, the Getting Started section is highly recommended.

Getting Started: Your First Steps with nexus

Getting Help

Should you need assistance, the following resources are available to support your journey from account setup to tackling specific challenges:

  • Discord: A community for questions, discussions, and updates