The Chat is the heart of interactive engagement on nexus, where users and AI Agents converge to converse, collaborate, and create. Understanding how to leverage the chat functionalities is essential for maximizing the potential of your AI Agents and models. This overarching guide provides a structured approach to navigating through the chat's robust features.

Structure of this section

This Chat article series is methodically divided into four distinct areas, designed for you to fully master every aspect of the chat

Main Chat Interface

The Main Chat Interface serves as the command center for your interactions on nexus. It is where you can select agents, attach documents, apply skills, and observe the agent's conversational prowess in action. This interface is built to accommodate a seamless transition between different agents and models, allowing for fluid and intuitive communication.

Main Chat Interface


Commands are the shortcuts that power users can utilize to expedite their workflow within the chat interface. They enable quick switching between agents, models, and skills, along with toggling various chat modes. These commands are designed to save time and enhance efficiency, providing a means to streamline the interaction process.

Mastering Chat Commands

Input Document

The Input Document feature allows you to integrate external documents into your chat, which the AI can parse and utilize to generate informed responses. By incorporating documents, you provide your AI Agent with a context-rich backdrop that can significantly improve the accuracy and relevance of its replies.

Utilizing Input Documents in Chat on nexus