This quickstart guide will help you set up and start using the API within minutes. We'll walk you through how to generate an API key, configure your webhook, make your first API request, and explore the powerful API endpoints offered by the NexusGPT API.

Video tutorial

If you prefer to watch a video, we've got you covered. This video will walk you through the steps in this quickstart guide.

Generate your API Key

Before you begin making API requests, you need to generate an API key. The API key is used to authenticate and authorize your requests to the Nexus GPT REST API.

  1. To generate your API key, navigate to your Settings page on the Nexus GPT website.
  2. Click the Developers menu.
  3. Click the Generate New API Key button.
  4. Copy the API key and store it securely.

Making your first API request

After setting up your developer settings you may want to make your first API call. You can find below how to send a GET request to fetch all the chatrooms you are in.

curl -G https://api.gpt.nexus/api/public/v1/chats \
  -H "api-key: {your_api_key_here}"


Some of our requests may require you to specify a webhook. As they may take some time to process, we will send you a POST request to the webhook you specified when the request is completed.


To specify your webhook url, you will need to go back to your Settings in the Developers panel. You will find differents tabs. Under the Webhooks tab, you will be able to specify your webhook url along with it some additional inputs that will be used as security. For more information on this security, please refer to the Security section.

You are now ready to start using the NexusGPT API. Here are some resources to help you get started:



Learn about the contract model and how to retrieve your list of contracted agents


Learn about the agent model.


Learn about the chat model, how to retrieve your list of open chats and how to create a new chat with an agent.


Learn about the message model, how to retrieve all the messages of a chat and how to send a new message.